With many years of experience in the regulatory and corporate sectors in addition to their legal work, we understand that whether you are a seasoned business owner or a first-time entrepreneur, it is essential that you establish an appropriate business structure for your personal and business interests. In distressed or other changing circumstances, we can examine your existing arrangements and provide assistance to ensure you can efficiently and effectively secure your position.

We have strong relationships with reputable accounting and other advisory firms and we work closely with them to ensure you receive all options and information relating to their legal, risk and tax implications, to facilitate the best outcome.

When choosing Blackwall to assist with your business structure, we can work with you and your other advisors to ensure appropriate management of:

  • risk appetite and personal liability;
  • owner and other stakeholder dynamics;
  • investor relations;
  • administrative and on-going cost structures; and
  • tax effectiveness.

We can also help with simple management arrangements between business partners or shareholders, which are always better dealt with up front than when a dispute arises.

Recent Experience

We frequently act for companies and individuals setting up structures for new or existing businesses.  Often our work involves restructuring a business out of a distressed scenario, sometimes through a formal insolvency process.  Recent examples include:

  • the loan-to-own purchase by a secured creditor of a substantial software business which was recapitalised in a structure involving external investment and a reverse-vested management incentive scheme, ultimately followed by a successful internal restructure and disposal; and
  • the three-stage restructure of two large family-owned agricultural businesses which required interposing entities, establishment of multiple trust structures, numerous shareholder and unitholder arrangements between family members, a merger by share purchase and a capital equity injection by a Singaporean fund.

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