Our lawyers understand the importance of preserving what you and your family have worked hard to accumulate and we are mindful to align our advice with your future financial and lifestyle aspirations.

We like to work directly with you, along with your financial and tax advisors, to establish a whole board strategy.  We appreciate how important it is to understand family dynamics, personal relationships just as well as we understand your business and lifestyle aspirations.

Nobody wants to work hard to accumulate wealth only to see that wealth at risk.  When difficulties arise, we know you want to do what you can to retain your wealth and stay on the right side of the law.  We can make sure you establish proper structures to begin with, and in the event your assets are ever at risk, we can give clear advice about what is and is not permissible to protect them.

Recent Experience

We regularly assist clients to navigate the complex rules associated with structuring and asset protection, including the establishment of:

  • discretionary family trusts;
  • tailored hybrid trust arrangements;
  • security structures and protection; and
  • non-standard company arrangements.

We have recently dealt with family office structures, IP protection, settlement of internal disputes and unwinding business relationships effectively.  We also provide advice to people concerned about the extent of their prospective liability in certain circumstances, providing much needed comfort in what are often difficult scenarios.