Asset Protection

The Blackwall Legal Asset Protection team understands the importance of preserving what you and your family have worked hard to accumulate and guarantees our advice will align with your future financial and lifestyle aspirations.

We take pride in working directly with you, in addition to your financial and taxation advisers, to establish your whole story. It is imperative that your advisord clearly understand these family dynamics and related personal relationships just as well as we understand your financial investments and business operations in order to assess all relating legal areas including that apply including superannuation implications under the Corporations Act, taxation and business structures, succession planning and trusts; and bankruptcy. This ensures our ability to assist you both efficiently and effectively when it comes time to choosing the right structure which minimises the risk to your personal and business assets.

When engaging Blackwall Legal you can rest easy knowing that all factors including the state of your personal and family relationships, your risk appetite, your business operations and all relevant legislation has been rigorously assessed prior to providing you with advice relating to:

  • Discretionary family trusts;
  • Tailored hybrid trust arrangements; and
  • Non-standard company arrangements.

Recent Experience

We regularly assist clients to navigate the complex rules associated with structuring.  We have recently dealt with cases involving family office structures, IP protection, settlement of disputes and unwinding business relationships effectively.  We also provide advice to people concerned about the extent of their prospective liability in certain circumstances, providing much needed comfort in often-difficult scenarios.

Meet our Team

Chris Pearce

Rob McKenzie

Jamie Ogilvie
Special Counsel

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