We are a unique law firm built for the modern era.

Legal practice in the 21st century is not what it used to be.  Our clients’ expectations are high, and we strive to meet those expectations.  Changes to the modern day working environment mean a boutique law firm can provide services of equal quality to major international firms.  We ensure our staff operate at the cutting edge of technology so that we can be prepared for the future.

But technology is ultimately just a means to an end.  At Blackwall, we know our people are our most important asset and a key focus of our practice is to ensure our firm is a great place to work.  That’s because it’s important for the success of our practice, and because it’s a good way to ensure we have great people working for us.  But it’s also because it’s the way every business should work.

We always welcome applications and interest from the right candidates so if you’re interested in being a part of an innovative workplace where you will wake up wanting to come to work, please send through your CV or a query to careers@blackwall.legal.

We're in the business of solving problems. If you need a solution, reach out for a discussion today.