Blackwall Legal launched in 2015, recognising an opportunity to provide legal services differently.  In the seven years since, we have developed into your complete business law solution.

We understand that clients will only be prepared to pay for services that properly meet their needs.  We will maintain quality at the highest level, and be flexible to our clients’ requirements.  That means if you want us to work with you in your office, we are happy to do so.  It means if you want to swap usual hourly rate billing for a fee structure more suited to your risk appetite, we are happy to provide it.  But most of all it means that our advice will be clear and succinct, our documents will be readable and understandable, and we will always focus on what you require, not merely deliver hundreds of pages of legal jargon.

We are committed to servicing our clients in a manner that goes against the traditional provision of legal services and guarantee we will be:

  • Responsive: The people you deal with are the people who deliver the work, meaning nothing is lost in translation.
  • Efficient: Our experience ensures your services will be delivered efficiently and with quality, no matter what fee structure you choose.
  • Innovative: Our international and cross-industry experience helps us think outside the box and deliver you workable and tailored solutions.
  • Agile: We understand that you may need our team integrated into yours and we are happy to discuss working from any location to help meet  your requirements.

We're in the business of solving problems. If you need a solution, reach out for a discussion today.